Individual Yoga Therapy

Sometimes, old movement and posture habits are easy to release and change during your physiotherapy or massage treatment session, but then they keep coming back.

The story goes something like this: you tell us, “I felt better for a few days after our last session, but I can’t seem to keep feeling better. The muscles tighten up and I feel the same again.” Frustration mounts for both you and your therapist (physio or massage) as your brain resists letting go of its old habits. Let’s face it – old habits are tough to break.

Sometimes, all that is needed to hang onto new habits for posture and movement is a short-term coach and a few sessions of movement training to really change your brain. Leanne Kitteridge has special training in therapeutic Yoga and the Integrated Systems Model.

In your one-on-one yoga therapy session, you will be guided through movement training that compliments your physiotherapy or massage therapy. You will learn how to change poor breathing patterns, calm your nervous system, as well as yoga based exercises that are targeted to your particular challenges and restrictions. After one or more individual sessions, Leanne may suggest that you progress to our Group Therapeutic Yoga classes.

Group Therapeutic Yoga Classes Structural Alignment

An individual Yoga Therapy session with Leanne is required prior to attending a Group Therapeutic Yoga Class. This allows Leanne the opportunity to connect with you, complete an assessment and provide you the most support during your Yoga classes.

Structural Alignment Yoga focuses on cultivating optimal alignment, biomechanics and control through various postures. This practice will involve dynamic movement while moving at a slow pace. Patients will be able to enjoy the community of a group class and still have their individual structural and mechanical strategies addressed.


 All in person group Yoga Therapy classes are currently cancelled/suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions and will resume when we are able. Please contact Leanne if you are interested in virtual class training.


$30 + GST per single class

Workshop for Abdominal Wall Recovery After Pregnancy

This 1.5-2 hour workshop led by Diane Lee is for women who want to learn more about the impact of pregnancy on the abdominal wall and train properly for optimal recovery of form (how you look) and function (how your abdomen supports your back, pelvis and all your organs). Please leave your baby at home so that you can get the most from this class for you!


All referrals are to come from the physiotherapy team at Diane Lee & Associates to ensure you are ready for this workshop!

Workshop Content:

Lecture and discussion on the common challenges that occur to the abdomen through pregnancy and delivery including:

  1. What happens to the back muscles – they become short and over-active.
  2. What happens to the abdominal muscles – they become lengthened (stretched) and underactive.
  3. Describe the three levels and three layers of abdominal muscles and what they do – this has implications for how we train them in rehab, which initially is different from training for strength (see core training vs strengthening education article)
  4. What is a ‘connect cue’ for transversus abdominis and do you remember yours from your physiotherapy session? We will check it!
  5. What commonly happens to standing and sitting postures both during and after pregnancy and why we feel it is important to address posture for the long term health of your low back, pelvis, bladder and other organs.

Movement training (exercises).  We will then go through, and practice, the three stages of training for the trunk (back and abdomen) including:

  1. Exercises to relax/release the over-active back extensors
  2. Connect cue review for you – we will review how you are recruiting transversus abdominis at all 3 levels (lower middle and upper) to ensure your brain and body are working together since you cannot strengthen a muscle your brain isn’t using! This should have been covered in your physiotherapy sessions but we will review it anyway.
  3. Capacity training – exercises to build strength in the way you are training (strategy) and the muscles being trained (strength and endurance) and how to know when you are doing the exercises/training correctly
  4. Connect and load exercises (leg work lying on your back, squats)
  5. Connect and curl – lots and lots of curls – from below and above – we have to load connective tissue to improve its form and function (seated, 4 point kneeling right the way to full roll backs and up (over time you will get there)
  6. ½ high kneeling and beyond for training rotation because rotation strength is what is often the weakest
  7. How to know when ready to do full situps, or teaser in Pilates, Boat pose in Yoga



All classes are currently cancelled due to COVID-19 physical distancing restrictions and we reschedule once we are advised it is safe to do so. 

You will be given 1 month free access to Diane’s online exercise/training videos from her book Diastasis Rectus Abdominis: A Clinical Guide for Those who are Split Down the Middle – a text that is all about training the abdominal wall in everyone, not just those with DRA! This will allow you to review the key material from this workshop and train on your own at home!

Dates: Just sign up for one date and if you find later that you need a review you are more than welcome to return for an update.

Time:  2:30 – 4:00

Price: $85

Class size limited to 8 people, minimum of 4 people required to run the workshop

Book with reception 604 538 8338

Affiliates of Diane Lee & Associates provide their services in the Akasha Studio.

They manage all registration, marketing and provision of services that the team at Diane Lee & Associates support whole heartedly. Check them out, chat with your clinician at DLA and see if one of these services is for you.

Hypopressive training for the Core

with Janet Kimmel (The Align Method)

Janet Kimmel is an affiliate of Diane Lee & Associates and offers a 2 hour workshop on breathing strategies in Akasha.

This workshop is intended for women already training at the clinic and needing more instruction on the impact of breathing strategies and abdominal pressure. The ‘vacuum technique’ of Hypopressives is taught in this workshop AFTER optimal breathing strategies are confirmed. This workshop is helpful for anyone with a condition that involves excessive intra-abdominal pressure such as hernias, diastasis rectus abdominis, pelvic organ prolapse, and urinary leakage.

Register for this workshop which is occurring October 19, or November 16, or December 14, from 1pm – 3pm through Janet’s website – here is the link –  Be sure your physiotherapist is aware you are doing this so they can ensure you have all the tools you need prior to attending.

Somatic Movement Education

with Teresa Ojinma

What is Somatic Movement Education?

Using slow, gentle movement techniques, Somatic Movement Education teaches you how to release, lengthen and completely relax habitually contracted muscles due to injury, illness, or stress. It empowers you to be able to take care of yourself by equipping you with the tools you need to stay out of pain by improving your posture, movement and function throughout your life.