COVID-19 Safety Protocols

For Diane Lee & Associates – Staff and Patients

Zones of Treatment

We will now be using our Akasha training studio across the hall for two more treatment rooms. 

This allows us to provide 90% of our pre-COVID availability and still exceed the requirements for physical distancing.

 The clinic has been divided into 4 treatment zones:

  1. The front of the clinic: Now that we are in phase 3, two to three therapists will work in the front clinic zone using 3 treatment rooms (usually 4 therapists work here). The waiting location for this front clinic zone is in reception in the area by the TV behind the green line, well away from the reception personnel. All fabric chairs and magazines have been removed for safety. There are 3 waiting zones in reception for the front of the clinic.
  2. The back of the clinic: Two therapists will work in the back clinic zone using 2 treatment rooms (usually 3 therapists work here). There are two physically distanced waiting areas in this zone. All equipment in the open gym area has been moved, or stored and this is where the waiting location is for this treatment zone. Please stand, or sit, close to the windows.
  3. Akasha training studio across the hall: The sound proof door will be closed dividing the training room into two parts (front and back). One therapist will work in each ½ of the studio. The Pilates equipment will be moved into the front ½ of the Akasha studio. The waiting locations for each ½ of the training studio is in the hall between the clinic and the studio 6 feet from the appropriate entrance door into Akasha – we’ll show you!

Patient Flow

 To meet the requirements of 6 feet of physical distancing, the following traffic flow will be implemented:

  1. All patients/clients are to arrive and check-in at reception no earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment time. Please ensure you have used the washroom prior to entering the clinic as our staff washroom is no longer available to patients/clients. If you are coming for bladder health, be sure to check with your therapist as to the requirements for voiding before your appointment. If you need to use the washroom during your session, your therapist will direct you to the public washrooms in the building foyer.
  2. At reception, there will be a final check to ensure that you have a credit card on file and that your COVID-19 RISK ADVISEMENT and SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE for this appointment have been completed. Please remember to do this before you arrive to prevent congestion at reception. All staff will complete a daily self-assessment for COVID-19 symptoms.
  3. You will then be asked to use our complimentary hand sanitizer and to put on your mask (please bring one). If you forget or don’t have one, you can purchase one from us at cost ($1.50 per mask). A medical grade mask is our preference, we wear one to protect you and appreciate the same consideration.
  4. You will be directed/escorted to the appropriate waiting location for your therapist’s treatment zone of the day.
  5. When ready, your therapist will greet you at the waiting location and escort you to their treatment room, which will have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected (see below) in between every patient/client.
  6. Following treatment, during which all appropriate personal protection equipment (mask, gloves) will be worn, your therapist will book your next appointment or return visit reminder and escort you to the appropriate clinic door exit to avoid congestion in the reception area. You can also book your own next appointment online through your online booking account at, or call our reception from home. You can also check back at reception and wait appropriately distanced for her availability to help you with your next booking.
  7. Your treatment session will be billed either remotely, or at time of service, depending on reception coverage. Receipts will all be emailed.

Helping prevent the spread of the coronavirus


Frequent hand washing/sanitizing

There is hand sanitizer in reception and every treatment room, which you will be asked to use upon arrival into the clinic. Your therapist will frequently either wash, or sanitize their hands each time they put on, or take off their gloves or mask. Posters outlining proper hand washing procedures are clearly visible at every sink in the clinic (20 seconds, lots of soap and all surfaces of the hands).


Physical distancing and masks

We will wear a medical grade mask at all times and will maintain a physical distance of 6 feet from you when possible, and ask that you do the same for us. Plexiglass barriers have been added to the reception area since 6 feet of distance cannot be met here. Our receptionists will wear a mask to escort you to your waiting area.


Not touching our face

We will also encourage you to not touch your face – this is a tough one, and ask that you feel free to do the same for us!!

Cleaning Protocols

Treatment Room Cleaning

Between each patient/client the treatment room will be cleaned as follows:

  1. Table paper and any paper products used during your session will be disposed in the recycle bin, masks and gloves in the garbage
  2. Table, bolster, vinyl pillows, stool top, Pilates equipment, vinyl gym equipment will be wiped with a medical grade disinfectant/cleaner Biotext
  3. Hard surfaces, countertop, door handles, light switches, treatment equipment etc. will be cleaned/disinfected using medical grade Biotext or wipes
  4. We will not be using fabric toweling, cotton pillow cases, or cloth gowns. All have been replaced with disposable paper products

Reception Cleaning

  1. All tables, hard surfaces, sneeze guards, door handles, anything touched will be cleaned at least 2 times per day
  2. Thus the need to hand sanitize every time you touch something in the common area of the clinic

We hope that reading this detail of all we have done/are doing to keep us safe, makes it easier for you to come for an in person session and look forward to welcoming you for care.