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Australian Bush Fires (Updated)

Australia is in the grips of devastating bushfires, the worst natural disaster in it’s history. The fires in Australia have scorched more than 15 million acres of land, killed almost half a billion animals, burned down over 1,400 homes, and displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

Our hearts are broken for the families and wildlife impacted and our thoughts are with the courageous firefighters and the sacrifices they are making to bring these fires under control.

One of our Physiotherapists, Kelly Meddings, is Australian and several of our other therapists have traveled or studied there.

Kelly will be donating $10 from every appointment on Wednesday the 15th of January towards support for the firefighters and wildlife rescue.

The regional fire services in the worst affected states, VIC, NSW, & SA all require significant help for volunteer firefighters on the front-line, as well as care for the wildlife that are injured or in danger.


Kelly Meddings

Kelly Meddings


Kelly is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist all the way from the Gold Coast in Australia. She graduated with high distinction in both a Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPhty) and a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (BBiomedSc).

Updated March 2nd 2020

Diane & Cathy are just back from teaching in Canberra, Australia and together with Kelly, an associate with DLA from Melbourne Victoria, are happy to share that the bushfires in Australia have improved.

The state of Victoria is still struggling with some uncontrolled fires but fortunately all fires in the state of New South Wales are now deemed ‘contained’. The grass is green, the trees are starting to thrive again and the remaining wild animals have food again! The planet is showing its resilience and beauty but much work is to be done to prevent global warming and all that comes with it.

Please donate when and what you can to help our planet – we have and will continue to do so.


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