Courtney Boechler


Courtney completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology in 2012, and after two years working as a Kinesiologist decided to pursue a career in physiotherapy at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Since graduating with her Masters in Physiotherapy, Courtney has gained valuable experience working alongside two Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) accredited Sports Physiotherapists in a remote town in central Australia.  Along with the outstanding mentorship, Courtney’s skills developed due to the demand of an exceptionally varied caseload. These populations included sports injuries, post-operative care, women’s health, vestibular disorders, motor vehicle accidents and neurological rehabilitation.

In order to continue to grow as a clinician, Courtney actively seeks postgraduate training opportunities. Most recently, she has completed postgraduate training in Women’s Health based on the Integrative Systems Model of complete client care. With these new skills, she is excited to help guide postpartum women to regain confidence in their bodies again Along with Women’s Health, Courtney is passionate about Vestibular Rehabilitation. She strongly believes that Vertigo is not a diagnosis, but a symptom of an underlying condition and should be investigated, not simply medicated. She has completed postgraduate training in both Introductory and Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation with the APA and is her ultimate goal is to help people suffering with dizziness to take control of their life back.

Outside of the clinic, Courtney enjoys spending time playing sports including golf, soccer and hockey. She also values time spent with her fiancé Kirk and Boston terrier, Carlos.

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I’m writing to express my sincere gratitude and thanks for the treatment session I had with Courtney today. She was very thorough, kind and understanding, and patient with my questions! Most importantly she was the first professional to be able to pin point what this long-standing mysterious problem has been. She determined that I have “Integration Impairment-eyes, inner ear and balance receptors are not working well together”. Courtney has given me initial exercises and will be closely monitoring me during the next few months with her treatment plan. I thanked her so much as I now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am truly grateful to be a client at Diane Lee and Associates.

Kathy O 
Kathy O

I have had some virtual sessions with Courtney and have been so grateful that you’ve been open for virtual sessions. I see so many different therapists, so with all of them cut off I was feeling pretty afraid of my progress going backward. I’m not sure how it was for others, but for me, the slow down and being away from outside stimulation is actually good for my brain, so working with Courtney on doing at home therapy has been amazing. She has worked with me on finding the right at home yoga programs for me, good additional stretches, how I can use things I have at home to relieve pains in my neck and back, breathing exercises and even starting some eye exercises. The bonus for me is that before COVID I would have never had the energy or I would have been too dizzy to do yoga or to often go for a walk and eye exercises were difficult, but now I can often find the energy and spots where I’m less dizzy to do some or all of these things through the day. I’ve just been really impressed by how Courtney not only adapted to COVID, but also to me and looked at how my life has changed and what my needs were.

Thank you Diane for opening up for these sessions. It has helped me tremendously through this time and has also given me a new perspective on my healing process as well.