Kelly Meddings


Kelly is a women’s health Physiotherapist from the Gold Coast in Australia. She graduated with high distinction in a Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPhty) and a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (BBiomedSc).

 Kelly is a certified Integrated Systems Model (ISM) practitioner and senior women’s health Physiotherapist at Diane Lee & Associates. During her time in Australia she was a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and completed post-graduate certificates in pelvic floor physiotherapy, antenatal & postnatal management, incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain. Kelly has extensive experience in pre and postpartum care, female athletes, matwork Pilates, clinical Pilates, sexual health and post-menopausal health. She has also been the Physiotherapist for the Australian P&O cruise line professional dancers.

Kelly’s passion for the outdoor adventuring, running and snowboarding has inspired her focus for helping women of all ages achieve a healthy and active life.

Why do I work at Diane Lee & Associates? I flew across the world to work for Diane Lee & Associates. The global reputation Diane, the team & the clinic has is exceptional. Our mission statement of empowering through knowledge, movement & awareness not only applies to our wonderful patients but our staff as well. We are constantly learning from and empowering one another. We learn from our patients too. The clinic is an integral part of the community, and provides a safe space to work, grow and thrive.  It’s pretty special if you look forward to going to work everyday and still find excitement in learning.

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Kelly provided me physiotherapy both while pregnant and following the delivery of my baby. She remains my physiotherapist to date.
I’ve experienced Kelly to be an extremely competent, research and practice informed professional, who has provided invaluable assessment information for in my case, several problem areas and treatment techniques that actually yield positive results!
Firstly, Kelly’s expert assessment of my pelvic floor equipped me with the information and confidence I needed to make the decision that was right for my baby’s delivery given my long-standing history of pelvic injury and consequent medical challenges.
Secondly, Kelly continues to treat me following two abdominal surgeries; helping in my recovery to reduce related pain and build strength needed to prevent injury carrying my growing baby and return to my active lifestyle.
She has also provided some of these treatments in tandem with my infant son. I’m truly impressed by her ability to help calm my baby and maintain focus on my treatment. This has allowed me to still make appointments on the days I don’t have childcare!
I highly recommend Kelly and am confident any client, particularly those with Pre/Postnatal needs, would be fortunate to have her as their physiotherapist. Thank you for all that you do Kelly!
Adriana & Baby Maxwell

I had such an educated and positive first assessment with Kelly. She was so warm, and knowledgeable, and put me at ease from the first moment of meeting her. She took her time to thoroughly assess me and explain things every step of the way!

Karen Johnson Perry 
Karen Johnson Perry

We’ve never met, but I am a new patient to your clinic. I had my second appointment today with Kelly. I’d like to pass along a few thoughts.

I’ve discovered that good medical help is difficult to find. A task that is full of frustration which means I give up and things remain status quo. I admit I was very skeptic of the $175 initial visit fee with your clinic. This actually stopped me from visiting for approximately 3 months. I had the money, but didn’t know how it could be worth it. I finally made an appointment and had my intake last week with Kelly. It was worth every penny.

I was there for pelvic issues. Kelly was professional, kind, and caring. She listened to every concern and was very thorough. I felt at ease during the ‘examination’ and this was simply due to her bedside manner and approach. Her vast knowledge allows me to put faith and trust into what she is telling me. I finally found like I have someone on my side and wants to help me get better! I know nothing is a quick fix, but it makes such a big difference knowing you have someone like Kelly in your corner.

I know Kelly is relatively new to your clinic, so I thought it was important for you to know what a gem she is and what a difference she is making in my life.

Jennifer K 
Jennifer K