Rachael Corbett


Rachael’s love of human form and movement began with gymnastics at age 3. Combine this with years of sport, a love for the sciences, and her own spinal stress fracture, and by university she readily pursued a career in physiotherapy.

Rachael Corbett graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 2005. She earned her Intermediate Manual Therapy Diploma in 2007, and her certification in Intramuscular Stimulation (CGIMS) in 2012. Rachael began working at Diane Lee & Associates in 2008 and shortly after completed the Integrated System’s Model Series of courses (ISM). Due to her proficiency Rachael has assisted Diane on courses since 2011, and enjoys helping local and international physiotherapists use logic based reasoning and self reflection to better their practice.

In terms of clientele, Rachael enjoys treating anyone with difficulty or pain with movement using a whole body approach. Rachael’s background in gymnastics and various genres of dance experience (ballet, contemporary, hip hop, belly dancing, swing, salsa, and stage) help her understand the more detailed concerns involved in dance injuries. She has experience working with a wide variety of instructors and choreographers so that you can feel confident in a team approach, should you need to work up to something.

She also has a special place for post-partum moms , athletes, those who have/had breast cancer, or anyone with a specific task they’d like to work on. She enjoys solving any type of puzzle and getting to the heart of the issue. Rachael is experienced in real-time ultrasound assessment, joint mobilization, muscle release, movement education and exercise prescription, but naturally each session is tailored to your needs or concerns. The compliment she receives most is about her professionalism, therapeutic hands, and smile.