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The Baby Belly Pelvic Support™

There are many maternity belts on the market, why choose this one?

Every women needs support but not necessarily in the same place, therefore an adaptable (and adjustable) belt is essential. The patented design of the side elastic straps is unique to this belt and allows the Baby Belly Pelvic SupportTM to out-perform others by providing support PRECISELY where you need it.

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Having the adaptability to have the support where you want it, makes the belt super versatile as sometimes pain/problems change as time goes on. I could not have survived my second pregnancy without the Baby Belly Pelvic Support because second time around, I had another child that still wanted to be picked up and held. I started wearing it preventatively at 6 months to prevent my back form being a source of pain. It is a must for all pregnant women.


The Baby Belly Pelvic Support has been a lifesaver during my pregnancy. It provides much-needed support during daily necessities like household chores, walking the dog, and exercising: activities I had started to neglect due to back discomfort. I especially appreciate that it’s adjustable to where I need support – it easily conforms to the uniqueness of my body. Thank you Diane and her team for creating such a wonderful product for women!

Molly Kirk Parlier, Dir. Of Communication, Women’s Health Foundation. Currently 32 weeks pregnant, Baby Belly Pelvic Support user since 25 weeks.
Molly Kirk Parlier, Dir. Of Communication, Women’s Health Foundation.

Diastasis Rectus Abdominis

A Clinical Guide for Those Who Are Split Down the Middle

It is well known that the abdominal wall plays a key role in function of the trunk and that pregnancy and delivery can have a significant, and long lasting, impact on both its appearance and function.

Widening of the linea alba and separation of the recti, known as diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA), may impact both the appearance of the abdomen and the function of the trunk and many believe that closure of the DRA is a pre-requisite for improving appearance and function. Women with this condition often ask whether surgery will help them and currently there are no evidence-based guidelines for clinicians to know which patients with DRA are appropriate for conservative treatment and which ones will also require surgery.

Who to treat, who to refer and how to close the DRA were the initial questions in 2006 that prompted further study (and ultimately this clinical guide) for this subgroup of postpartum women.

I felt this book was very well written and covered this topic effectively. I felt it helped me to develop my evaluation skills and helped to build my clinical skills in exercise progression. Would highly recommend this book to any therapist treating abdominal issues.


Exceptional book and videos. Diane Lee is obviously an exceptional therapsit, teacher,mentor, and author. We are very blessed to have such an amazing lady learn, understand and then teach such valuable information. Thank you.

Jennifer Williamson BScPT, Msc.PT, DOMP
Jennifer Williamson

One very nice feature for this book is the use of QR codes that are placed throughout each chapter. These link to online videos that show live patients for assessment and treatment demonstrations. Another benefit of these linked videos are the images of real-time ultrasound that Diane has performed on her patients to further give credence to the concepts that she presents in this clinical guide.

Matthew S. Thomason

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