Rehab & Surgery

Physiotherapy can help you prepare for surgery and manage your recovery

You've had your surgery and your mind tells you it's time to return to your old routines, and maybe some new ones. But your body says, "Not so fast." The truth is, before you can get back to these activities, you'll likely need some rehab to regain your mobility and strength.

Physiotherapy can help you recover and get going through all the stages of rehabilitation from early recovery, rehabilitation to return to activities and sport. Each stage has its own focus depending on the type of surgery you have had and the surgeon’s guidelines, if provided.

Why Rehab is Needed?

Physiotherapy can speed your recovery no matter what kind of operation you’ve had, be it a fractured bone, joint replacement, ligament or tendon repair, gall bladder removal, hysterectomy, prostatectomy, heart surgery, abdominoplasty with recti plication (tummy tuck) or a procedure to treat cancer. Your rehab will likely begin in hospital where you will be provided with skills and exercises to get you ready to go home.

What is Involved in Rehab?

Each stage of recovery takes time and effort (some more than others). Keep your ultimate goals in mind as we help you:


  • Reduce pain and swelling and address any issues with ambulation at home or managing your activities of daily living (toilets, bathing, sleeping, getting around the house etc.)
  • Improve movement and range of motion of the body region that had surgery
  • Restore motor control (how the muscles are linked to fire together)
  • Strengthen and build endurance with an exercise program targeted to your individual goals

Time to Recovery

Your recovery time depends on many factors: your overall health, the kind of surgery you had, your age and most importantly your commitment to your rehab program. Your dedication and commitment to recovery is as important as your rehab team and will pay off in the end.

Pre & Post-op Services

Click on the following links for more information specific to your type of surgery.

Pre & Post Orthopaedic Surgery

Our physiotherapists will complete a full assessment both pre and post-op and develop an individual treatment plan to help expedite your recovery and reduce any secondary problems related to the surgery.

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Pelvic Surgery

Training the pelvic floor is not a one size fits all exercise. A surgery specific treatment plan based on assessment findings can be helpful for a successful outcomes long term.

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Pre & Post Abdominal Surgery

Many people recover well from various abdominal surgeries with no complications. Other people are not so fortunate and can suffer with abdominal pain, rib tightness, digestive discomfort or numbness and tingling in the skin of the abdominal area.

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Coming soon!

We offer the services below and are currently working on writing up the pages for this website. If you like reading blogs check out this one Diane wrote for Pain Hero on Rehab after Surgery. The Role of Physiotherapy in Post-Surgical Rehabilitation


  • Cancer surgery
  • Plastic surgery for Abdominal Wall Repair