Empower through Knowledge, Movement and Awareness

What better way to share knowledge than to tell some stories.

Welcome to our Education page!

Our mission statement at Diane Lee & Associates is to Empower through Knowledge, Movement and Awareness and what better way to share knowledge than to tell some stories.

 Our intent is to share with you some stories from our practice and life experiences and connect with you in a way that there often isn’t time for in our treatment sessions.

We hope you enjoy what follows and look forward to your comments – they will influence future articles for sure. Follow us on Twitter @dianeleept and and Facebook to be advised when there is a new article to read.

We’re Hiring

We’re Hiring

Are you ready for mentorship and learning how to treat using a regional interdependent approach (ISM)? We are looking for physiotherapists looking for change and more learning. This is a wonderful mentorship/work opportunity. We will take you on a journey like no other in the first year of your mentorship/work with us, while making full pay! Read more for how to take advantage of this rare opening and opportunity to learn with us!

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