Diane Lee & Associates

"Thank you so much for going the extra mile to trail these online sessions. I’ve missed several in person apts with Leigh because of CoVID and decided to try online with her today as I’ve been in some intense pain for a week and not very mobile.  I was kinda nervous getting it set up and couldn't figure out how to use the Macbook (maybe too old?) but we had a laptop PC that I was able to use. Signed on gave myself 20 mins to play with getting myself in a good spot, rearranging furniture etc.  Our session was thorough and interactive and I have a things to do now. Having a calm, knowledgeable and purposeful team mate to reassure me and get me back on track, especially at this time, means so much. I think I was feeling more alone and afraid than I realized with that nagging pain and no physio to go too.  Feeling very grateful and relieved now; reconnected and stronger again in my commitment for healing and wellness, knowing I’ve got a great team backing me up. Thank you so much!!"