Diane Lee & Associates

Ever since graduating as a physio in 2014 I have had my eye on taking the Integrated Systems Model (ISM) course. For a variety of reasons, things didn’t line up until I heard about the mentorship program offered by Diane Lee and her team. I can honestly say enrolling in the mentorship program was the best decision I have ever made for my professional career as a physiotherapist. Not only did I get to finally take the ISM course, but I received an hour of hands-on mentorship every week for 8 months.

The mentorship program was exceptional in so many facets; from the thorough syllabus, to the intense learning and continuous availability of the mentorship team for any and all questions. By getting one-on-one instruction on all the clinical skills and knowledge prior to each sitting of the ISM course, I feel that it allowed me a greater ability to take in knowledge during the course and accelerate my skillset within the ISM model.

I highly encourage any and all physios out there to apply, since it is a wonderful environment to work in and even better to learn in.


~ Jeff Rolland