Our Mentorship Program

Full-time, Fully Paid Mentorship – Learn and Work at the Same Time!

We Believe In Mentorship!

As clinicians our learning never ends. Whether you are a seasoned clinician or new grad, mentorship, collaboration and learning together is always fun – everyone on our team agrees that it enhances their job satisfaction.

Our clinic uses the Integrated Systems Model https://learnwithdianelee.com/the-integrated-systems-model/ a regional interdependent, evidence-informed approach and this mentorship position will take you on a learning journey like no other. The senior associates are all part of our mentorship team and are ISM certified (https://learnwithdianelee.com/ism-certification/)

Where is Diane Lee & Associates (DLA)? We are in South Surrey BC, an oceanside community 45 minutes to most parts of Vancouver, but heh, why not live in South Surrey – a much quieter part of the Lower Mainland? Housing is affordable and if you have kids our schools are new and looking after kids really well.


Ever since graduating as a physio in 2014 I have had my eye on taking the Integrated Systems Model (ISM) course. For a variety of reasons, things didn’t line up until I heard about the mentorship program offered by Diane Lee and her team. I can honestly say enrolling in the mentorship program was the best decision I have ever made for my professional career as a physiotherapist. Not only did I get to finally take the ISM course, but I received an hour of hands-on mentorship every week for 8 months.

The mentorship program was exceptional in so many facets; from the thorough syllabus, to the intense learning and continuous availability of the mentorship team for any and all questions. By getting one-on-one instruction on all the clinical skills and knowledge prior to each sitting of the ISM course, I feel that it allowed me a greater ability to take in knowledge during the course and accelerate my skillset within the ISM model.

I highly encourage any and all physios out there to apply, since it is a wonderful environment to work in and even better to learn in.

Jeff Rolland 
Jeff Rolland
Learn how to develop assessments that are meaningful

This unique experience provides you with:

·     Lots of new assessments per week guaranteed to build your  part or full time caseload quickly while you are mentored in ISM

·       Clinical ISM Mentorship program – This is a two year contracted program that envelopes the ISM Series course.

o   1 hour per week (30 minute sessions) mentorship with 2 DLA senior associates who are ISM certified

o   Curriculum for the mentorship is guided by Diane Lee and follows the skills and clinical reasoning you will learn in the ISM Series (beginning January each year)

o   up to 100% discount on the tuition for the ISM Series (this is a $6500 CAD value)

·       Potential for a permanent position offer after the completion of the ISM mentorship program – terms and details dependent on position availability and team compatibility 

·       Competitive compensation even while you learn. 30 clinical hours per week can yield you up to $90,000 and together with the value of the mentorship program and ISM Series this compensation percentage for an employee contract nets up to over 60%! 

·       Full administrative support. We manage all reception, appointments, invoicing, and billing for you

·       Your own private assessment room for your shift – we have a Clinical Pilates training area and a separate training room for traditional exercise training 

·       No double-booked treatment sessions

·       Ability to offer a hybrid of both in person and virtual care (Telehealth) 

·      If a permanent position is offered at completion, mentorship for ISM Certification follows in the third year, and this mentorship is provided by Diane herself. Once certified, you have the opportunity to mentor others who join our team.

How does this mentorship work?

You’ll meet with your assigned clinical mentor(s) twice weekly to:

1.     Learn how to develop assessments that are meaningful (task specific and function based)

2.     Learn how to understand the relationships between multiple impairments in the complex patient and be able to explain these relationships to the patient without using ‘dangerous language’ and creating thoughts of catastrophizing

3.     Find drivers – the primary impairment that if treated first, will result in improvement of function in many other sites of impairment

4.     Determine the underlying system (articular, neural, myofascial, visceral) impairing the driver – that main body region to treat that may be far removed from the site of symptoms (i.e. left foot impairment for right hip pain)

5.     Know which tools (manual therapy, dry needling, release techniques, motor control training, ultrasound imaging (We have 3 ultrasound imaging units and will train you how to use them)) strength and conditioning) to pull from your treatment tool box that is unique to the individual in front of you.  No recipes or protocols in ISM!

sSound like fun? It truly is.  These words are from Stuart Dixon – a physio who completed the ISM Series in 2022, certified in the following six months and is now assisting Diane on the 2023-2024 ISM Series in Australia

“ISM helps you to trust your hands.  People often look at me strangely when I, for example, make a correction [somewhere in their body] and their stiff ankle they have had multiple treatments on instantly lets go.  And then I can repeatedly and easily show them how to do their own corrections so they don’t think I’m playing tricks on them. The system you have created Diane is powerful and so well organised it’s ridiculous.  I think people give up and rely on “evidence” to tell them what to do when they don’t have a proper system to learn within.”

Feedback like this prompted us to formalize in-house mentorship position.

Learn how to develop assessments that are meaningful

Core Values:

·       Passionate about collaboration and learning

·       Love to use your hands and brain at work

·       Believe in clinical reasoning and individual assessment and treatment

·       Problem solver with good time management skills, patience and a sense of humour

Required Competencies

You must be a registered member with the College of Physiotherapists of BC (fully registered or interim).

If this is for you, send your resume to Diane (dianelee@dianeleephysio.com) applications are accepted all year long.