Noëlle Trotter


Noelle Trotter graduated in 1996 from the University of Waterloo’s Health Sciences Faculty with an honours degree. In 2000, she obtained her Certified Pedorthist designation after completing 3000 hours of clinical work and Pedorthic exams.

The love and interest in assessing movement began with a love for ballet. As a child I got into dance and it progressed into being in and out of professional schools for dance as I got older. I even spent a couple years at the National Ballet School in Toronto. When considering University, I still needed to have dance in my life, so the Applied Health Sciences Department at the University of Waterloo suited me as they also had a dance department. After graduating from the University with an honours degree, it was my older sister, a chiropractor, who steered me into the field of pedorthics. I had the right undergraduate degree and found the study of movement and foot biomechanics fascinating. After 3000 clinical hours and several exams, I became a fully certified Pedorthist. 

After working for several well know companies such as Paris Orthotics and Ossur (formerly Generation II) I decided that becoming self employed within the same field was a better situation for me. I have been working independently since 2002. My first independent clinical practise I created was Sunshine Coast Orthotics, then one in South Surrey with Diane Lee & Associates Physiotherapy and then a partnership with a Richmond and now Ladner office. 

Clinically, I enjoy working in conjunction with other practitioners such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists to try and get an individual pain free. A collaborative approach always works best when trying to solve soft tissue injuries or alignment issues. I enjoy assessing all individuals from an aging avid runner to any young athlete or dancer and everyone in between. 

Noelle also works on the Sunshine Coast here:  and  in Ladner here: