Diane Lee & Associates

Kelly provided me physiotherapy both while pregnant and following the delivery of my baby. She remains my physiotherapist to date.
I’ve experienced Kelly to be an extremely competent, research and practice informed professional, who has provided invaluable assessment information for in my case, several problem areas and treatment techniques that actually yield positive results!
Firstly, Kelly’s expert assessment of my pelvic floor equipped me with the information and confidence I needed to make the decision that was right for my baby’s delivery given my long-standing history of pelvic injury and consequent medical challenges.
Secondly, Kelly continues to treat me following two abdominal surgeries; helping in my recovery to reduce related pain and build strength needed to prevent injury carrying my growing baby and return to my active lifestyle.
She has also provided some of these treatments in tandem with my infant son. I’m truly impressed by her ability to help calm my baby and maintain focus on my treatment. This has allowed me to still make appointments on the days I don’t have childcare!
I highly recommend Kelly and am confident any client, particularly those with Pre/Postnatal needs, would be fortunate to have her as their physiotherapist. Thank you for all that you do Kelly!
Adriana & Baby Maxwell