Brennan Chan


Brennan is an energetic physiotherapist who cares deeply about his clients and their quality of life. He wants you to succeed in whatever you choose to do and he gets great joy seeing people accomplish their goals and from being a part of their journey.

As a physiotherapist, Brennan takes a holistic approach to treating to address the root cause of pain. He uses a variety of tools including manual therapy, dry needling, and targeted exercise prescription to help clients recover from their injury, address underlying causes, and prevent future injuries. Brennan loves spending time teaching clients about their body and providing them information on what they can do to facilitate their recovery process as well. He is committed to having clients move better so that they can stay active and realize their movement goals. He is also a Running Clinic Certified Professional, certified indoor cycling instructor, and a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200).

Outside the clinic, Brennan is an avid distance runner and likes to cross-train by practicing yoga, Pilates, and road cycling. Brennan is also a classically trained pianist and enjoys playing piano in his free time.

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