Manual Therapy

All physiotherapists at Diane Lee & Associates have taken special post-graduate training in manual & manipulative therapy and use manual techniques in treatment.

Manual therapy is a term that applies to any technique that involves the therapist’s hands and is often used to restore mobility to a joint, muscle or nerve as well as to relax, or activate, muscles. Many different manual techniques are used, often in combination, to help your body begin to move more efficiently. Releasing your ‘driver’ (see Integrated Systems Model Approach) is often the first thing we do to help not only relieve your pain, but to create a new awareness of how it feels to both ‘live in’ and ‘use’ your body differently.

Manual therapy techniques, combined with dry needling and self-release exercises, which may or may not include the use of balls or foam rollers, are the tools we use to release the tight, restricted areas of your body. Further information on the certification program for this training in Canada can be found at