Eric Perkio


Eric has been practising Physiotherapy since 2006. He received his Masters of Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney, Australia.

He began his career gaining experience within 2 sports focused clinics where he treated and supported athletes that participated in club, triple A, and University level Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, and Rugby.  Following his experiences in the athletic world Eric joined a complex pain and repetitive strain focused multidisciplinary clinic where he gained valuable experience in helping clients with complex and long term injuries.  

Eric has been working at Diane Lee and Associates since 2015.  He continues to take interest in improving his clinical knowledge and has furthered his skills by taking several continuing education courses that are highlighted as participating in the Integrated Systems Model, Lynn Watson Shoulder Course, Mulligan Mobilisation, and Anatomical Acupuncture (CAFCI – includes dry needling).  

Particular areas of interest for Eric to treat are injuries involving the shoulders, hips, knees, and low back.  He additionally has a passion for helping clients after hip/knee/low back surgeries.  This includes total hip and total knee replacement surgeries. Manual therapy, exercise therapy and prescription, education about one’s injury, and dry needling are common methods that he will utilize when helping a client.  When not practising Physiotherapy you will find Eric spending time with his family or being active on a tennis court or Karate dojo.

Eric – Why do you love working at Diane Lee & Associates?  I cherish the the opportunity to be an active member in someone’s recovery and rehabilitation, and appreciate that after having multiple surgeries and injuries myself,  i can make a meaningful connection and change in someones daily life.

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