Cheri Le Cappelain


Cheri graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Trinity Western University in 2012. While working as a nurse Cheri saw the importance of physiotherapy on the rehabilitation ward to help patients regain their independence. She had personal experience working with a physiotherapist to rehab after her own workplace and sporting injuries as well. As a result of these positive experiences she decided to go back to school to become a physiotherapist so she could have a more direct role in rehabilitation and help others regain their independence. Cheri graduated in 2018 with a Doctor of Physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Cheri has experience working in the hospital, residential care settings and private practice. She has worked with a variety of clients ranging from workplace injuries, post hip and knee surgery, neurological conditions like stroke and Parkinson’s. She also had the privilege of working with athletes with acute sporting injuries while working sport side with an Aussie rules football team. She has a special interest in treating pelvic conditions: including incontinence, pelvic girdle pain, pregnancy related pelvic floor issues and pelvic organ prolapse. Her interest in this area stemmed from her time as a nurse seeing how debilitating continence issues can be on people’s quality of life and wanting to help. Through evidence-informed practice Cheri endeavors to empower every client to take an active part in their rehab and achieve their goals.

Cheri is a lifelong learner and is pursuing continued education. She completed post-graduate training in orthopedics (Advanced Integrated Musculoskeletal Program Level 1 & Level 2). She has also received her Level 1 and 2 certification in Trigger Point Dry Needling from Acupuncture Canada and Pelvic Floor Training through Pelvic Health Solutions.

Through evidence-informed practice Cheri endeavours to empower every client to take an active part in their rehab and achieve their goals. She is excited to join the team at Diane Lee & Associates and continue to help people through the Integrated Systems Model (ISM).

When not working, Cheri enjoys traveling, exploring the outdoors, spending time with family, walking her dog, playing softball and the violin.

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